World Must Break Iran-Syria-Hezbollah ‘Unholy Alliance’

Jerusalem, Feb. 20 – The unprecedented united front against Iran gives hope that the alliance of Iran, Syria and the Hezbollah organization in Lebanon can be broken and ease tensions in the Middle East, an Israeli leader said Monday.

“If this unholy alliance between Tehran, Damascus and Hezbollah is broken, this is going to be a very important achievement for the forces of good against the forces of evil,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy Dan Meridor.

Speaking at a briefing for foreign media organized by The Israel Project, the veteran cabinet minister said there was unprecedented unity in international sanctions against Iran, aimed at stopping the Islamic republic’s quest for nuclear weapons.

“The main joint purpose that all of us have – to stop Iran from getting nuclear (weapons). This is a historically rare coalition of all the Arab world, with the exception of Syria. Of all the Western world, of Israel, and of many other countries of the world not to allow Iran to change the balance of power and rules of the game and get the domination that they want to have in the Middle East.”

A team from the International Atomic Energy Agency is in Iran for a two-day inspection, but Tehran was refusing to allow the agency experts to visit Parchin, the suspected site of explosives testing for a nuclear weapon and had turned down other key requests made by the experts, the Associated Press reported.

The United Nations has imposed four rounds of economic sanctions in an effort to stop Iran from developing nuclear bombs, and the U.S. and European Union imposed harsher sanctions when the IAEA released a damning report last November that concluded many of Iran’s nuclear developments had no use other than military.

Iran is ignoring the international pressure and aggressively pushing ahead with its efforts to build power and influence in the region, Meridor said. Two Iranian warships docked on the weekend in Syria to provide support for embattled Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, whose regime was condemned by the U.N. last week for human-rights violations against his own people.

In the past three days Iranian-supported terrorist groups in Gaza fired a dozen anti-personnel rockets at Israeli civilian areas, and Iran’s military is conducting more large-scale military exercises – the third such war games in as many months.

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