VIDEOS: The Close Relationship Between Hamas and Iran

Analysis citing strain between Iran and Hamas, which has been used by some analysts to urge engagement with the Palestinian terror group, is being called into question as evidence emerges challenging both the analysis and its implied diplomatic recommendations. The suggestion had long been treated as unserious due to repeated statements by Hamas leaders emphasizing the closeness between the group and Iran, due to frequent and documented visits to Tehran by Hamas leaders throughout the fall, and due to statements by Iranian leaders about using Hamas to destroy Israel.

The heated policy discussion surrounding Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense reignited controversy in some quarters over the degree to which Hamas takes direct orders from Iran, but new reports from Arabic media and publicly revealed intelligence are reinforcing analysis to the effect that Hamas had never left the Iranian orbit and continues to look to Tehran.

High-ranking Iranian officials are boasting that Hamas is controlled by Iran, and that even if the group’s political leaders refused to obey orders from Tehran its military echelon would continue to operate per Iranian instructions. The statements follow the publication of satellite images in recent days showing that Iran is rushing to rearm Hamas in the aftermath of Operation Pillar of Defense, which Jerusalem launched after a month-long escalation in the amount and sophistication of weapons used by Hamas against Israelis. The campaign saw Israeli forces severely degrade the Palestinian group's supply of advanced weapons and its command and control infrastructure.

Below are selections from a TIP YouTube collection documenting the close ties between Hamas and Iran, which include coordination on terror attacks against Israeli civilians. Click on the photos to go to the selected videos, or go to TIP's full YouTube playlist on the issue: TIP's Collection on the Close Hamas/Iran Alliance

 Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh visits Khamenei and the Islamic Regime in Iran (sherlock72 /

 Iran continuing to arm Hamas? ( CNN /

Billboards in Gaza say a public 'thank you' to Iran (HitShowTube / )

Is Iran Providing Hamas Weapons?

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