VIDEOS: Israeli Children "Play" In The Shadow Of Hamas Rocket War

In August 2005 Israel fully withdrew from the Gaza Strip in order to provide breathing room from a nascent Palestinian state. By the middle of June 2007, Hamas had seized the territory from its rival Fatah organization and had begun to go about establishing a "Taliban state." Since then Hamas has waged a rocket war against Israel, which the Iran-backed terror group has vowed to destroy.

A generation of Israeli children has grown up under the shadow of incessant rocket and mortar barrages. In 2008 a study showed that 75 percent to 94 percent of children aged 4-18 in nearby Sderot exhibited symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

Below are selections from a TIP YouTube collection documenting children's struggles as they cope with Hamas rocket and mortar attacks. Click on the photos to go to the selected videos, or view TIP's full YouTube playlist on the issue: TIP's Collection - Israeli Children Cowering in Terror From Rockets

Sderot Kids Documentary

(yashka83 /

Sderot Girls

(ChabadTelethon /

Sderot, Israel: Life Under Constant Terrorism from Gaza (TheDavidProject2002 /

Kids from South of Israel in Park

(Danielle Schreiber /

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