Under Hamas Fire, Israel Continues Transfer of Goods and Supplies To Gaza

Despite battling the missile war waged by the Iran-backed Hamas terror organization that controls the Gaza Strip, Israel continues to transfer goods and supplies into Gaza to minimize the impact of hostilities on Palestinian civilians.

Gaza does not experience food scarcity, or housing scarcity, or even hi-tech scarcity. Nonetheless Israel continues yearly supplies in the hundreds of tons and millions of meters of food, water, and fuel.

Below are selections from a TIP YouTube collection documenting Israel's ongoing transfer of goods and supplies into the Gaza Strip. Click on the photos to go to the selected videos, or go to TIP's full YouTube playlist on the issue: TIP's Collection Israeli Transfer of Goods and Supplies to Gaza


Why Does the IDF Ensure Transfer of Supplies to Gaza? (idfnadesk / http://is.gd/Nwxbmz)

IDF Ensures Passage of Supplies from Israel to Gaza (idfnadesk / http://is.gd/xkkhOw)

Israeli Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

(bestphotoslide / http://is.gd/JNWETS )

Transfer of Humanitarian Aid From Jordan

(IsraelMFA / http://is.gd/0pAyBw)

Israel Provides Humanitarian Aid to Palestinians (sneddren / http://is.gd/qHyMhW)

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