UN Security Council Condemns Attacks on Israelis

Washington, Feb. 24 - The U.N. Security Council approved a rare statement condemning last week’s terrorist attack on Israeli diplomats in New Delhi, India and a foiled hit on an Israeli diplomat in Tbilisi, Georgia.

“The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist attack in New Delhi, India aimed at Israel’s diplomatic personnel which resulted in injuries to diplomatic personnel and civilians, and the recent attempted terrorist attack in Tbilisi, Georgia,” according to the U.N. Security Council’s press statement issued Thursday (Feb. 23).

The reprimand on behalf of Israel – the first of its kind by the Security Council in seven years – drew praise from Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor. Israel blames Iran and its terrorist proxy Hezbollah for the twin attacks Feb. 13.

“…The unanimous voice of the Security Council can be heard around the world – from the halls of every embassy that faces Iranian terror to the hospital room of Israeli diplomat Tal Yehoshua, who is still recovering from her injuries,” said Prosor, referencing the injured wife of a diplomat at the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi.

“After seven years of silence, the Council has finally spoken against the terrorism that the Israeli people face every day,” Prosor added.

In New Delhi, a motorcyclist attached an explosive device to an Israeli embassy car as it was carrying Yehoshua, setting the car aflame and seriously injuring her. The attack also wounded three others. In Tbilisi, an explosive device that had been placed on an Israeli Embassy staff member’s vehicle was detected and defused before it exploded.

Terrorists were also planning a series of bomb attacks in Bangkok, Thailand but the devices exploded prematurely, injuring one of the plotters . The assailant, an Iranian national identified as Saied Moradi, lost his leg in the explosion.

Thai police found and defused two magnetic bombs that could be attached to vehicles, much like those used in recent attacks against Israeli embassy targets, said the Israeli ambassador, Itzhak Shoham.

"They are similar to the ones used in Delhi and in Tbilisi," Shoham told Associated Press. "From that we can assume that there is the same network of terror."

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