TIP to Launch New Website Next Week

Washington, Sept 8 – The Israel Project will launch a new website early next week that will make it easier for readers to search and access information and customize their browsing experience.

The new site will launch on or around Sept. 12. Viewers will see a more streamlined design and a new look that will make the site easier to navigate and more user-friendly. It should work across all web browsers with an enhanced ability to communicate across social media. The homepage address will remain the same: www.theisraelproject.org.

“We have a wealth of information on our site in the form of press kits, photos, videos, graphics, maps, press releases and background information compiled over several years, making The Israel Project one of the best resources on the Internet for unbiased facts and primary source material on Israel and the Middle East,” said Alan Elsner, TIP’s Executive Director for the Americas.

“Now, we want to make the information easier to search and access and easier to download so that we can serve journalists, diplomats, officials, analysts and the public even better than before,” Elsner said.

The website will function in French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Russian as well as in English and there is a separate portal for information of particular relevance to readers in the Indian sub-continent. An independent site in Arabic will also soon launch at www.tiparabic.com.

The new site will deploy in two phases with the second phase due for launch by the end of October. This will be geared toward enhancing the site’s multimedia capability with an interactive map on the Google Earth platform, new photo galleries, video plates and audio podcasts allowing users to search by keyword subjects, language and content type.

We hope these enhancements will make our materials more easily downloadable so that users will be able to embed our royalty free materials into their own publications and blogs. However, we are expecting the inevitable bugs associated with a website re-launch and we respectfully ask readers to bear with us as we iron them out.

A non-profit, privately-funded educational organization independent of any government, The Israel Project is committed to keeping readers informed with breaking news and sharp analysis as well as with balanced and accurate background multimedia information.

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