TIP Intellicopter Tour

You are taking off from the municipal airport in Herzliya, just 10 km (6.2 mi.) north of downtown Tel Aviv. Since Herzliya’s establishment by European refugees in 1924, this seaside town has grown to 85,000 residents and is home to one of Israel’s largest high-tech industrial parks. On June 11, 2002 a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up in a small restaurant in this city, killing 14-year old Hadar Hershkowitz and wounding 15 others.

From Herzliya you will head east toward the outskirts of Tel Aviv over the city of Kfar Saba. Kfar Saba is only 700 meters (less than ½ mile) from the West Bank town of Qalqiliya. The Al-Aqsa intifada broke out in Qalqiliya in October 2000. Hamas also won major support here in the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections.

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