Intellicopter: TIP in the Air

There’s no better way to appreciate Israel than to see it from the air. And there’s no better way to understand the country’s security concerns and survival needs for defensible borders as part of a lasting peace with the Palestinians.

Imagine you were on a tour of Israel by helicopter. What would you see? What are the facts on the ground?

The first thing you’d see and understand is how incredibly narrow the country is within its pre-1967 border – only nine miles across at its narrowest point.

You’d also see how the Judean hills command a strategic position that dominates the coastal plain where 70 percent of Israelis live. You would see how vulnerable Israel’s only international airport, Ben Gurion, could be to attack from those hills.

We’d show you much of the security fence that over the past three years has kept Israel safe from suicide bombs and allowed the Palestinian economy to flourish. We’d hover over Jerusalem’s holy sites and see how the city is an intricate tapestry of Jewish and Arab neighborhoods.

Finally we’d fly close to the border with the Gaza Strip and see the Israeli towns and villages constantly subjected to Hamas rocket and mortar fire.

We invite you to take a virtual tour with us. Click on the icons for short videos and on the numbers for photographs. For additional information about Israel’s security, we suggest this short video.

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