The Tower Magazine's July Issue Takes On the Future of Lebanon, Turkey's Brutal Attacks On Democratic Demonstrators, Israel's Revolutionary Oil Technology and a Plan for Saving Syria by Redrawing its Borders

The Tower Magazine (,

The Only Digital Long-Form Dedicated to the Middle East,

Launches its JULY issue, Featuring:

 Michael J. Totten interviews leaders of Lebanon’s Sunni, Christian and Druze movements, who say they believe in peace with Israel and ALL their neighbors

 Claire Berlinski, Oxford-trained author of books on Europe and Margaret Thatcher, gives a stunning first-hand account of the brutality in Istanbul and shows how Turkey is descending into dictatorship

 Middle-East Historian Gabriel Scheinmann argues that the key to stopping the bloodshed in the Middle East is to break it up according to ethnic lines—like Yugoslavia and the Former Soviet Union

 Plus: Uncovering the Secret of Israel’s 100 Billion Barrels of Untapped Oil; Photo Tour and exploration of the ancient-modern city of Acre, as a model of co-existence between Arabs and Jews; and an Exclusive Interview with Tel Aviv’s Rising Literary Star, Ido Angel

Washington, DC—July 1, 2013—The Tower Magazine—the ONLY long-form monthly focused exclusively on the Middle East—announced its July Issue featuring Michael Totten on “Dreaming of a Lebanon Without War,” Oxford-trained scholar-journalist Claire Berlinksi on “The Gezi Diaries: Can We Still Call Turkey Civilized?” and the untold story of Israel’s 100 billion barrels-worth of oil shale that stands to transform global energy. The July Issue is available for free at

“The Tower Magazine pulls the curtain back on the Middle East, with top journalists and scholars delving into the region in long form,” says The Tower magazine editor, David Hazony. “The result is fascinating, compelling and sometimes shocking reportage on the unseen sides of this region.”

In the July Issue, award-winning journalist Michael Totten heads to Beirut for exclusive on-the-record sit downs with the country’s most influential voices, including Samy Gemayel—son of former Lebanese president Amine Gemayel—who makes shocking revelations about Lebanon’s prospects of peace with Israel.

“There is no excuse,” Gemayel reveals to Totten, “why Egypt is allowed to have a peace treaty with Israel while we [in Lebanon] cannot negotiate for an armistice. Why can Jordan have a peace treaty while we also cannot negotiate for an armistice? Even Syria, without a peace treaty, has had peaceful relations with Israel since 1974. Why can’t we?” 

The Tower Magazine July Issue also features Oxford-trained scholar, journalist and Turkey expert Claire Berlinski with the full story on Turkey’s Taksim Square protests, along with her own run-ins with the brutal Turkish security forces. Berlinski looks far beyond Gezi Park and all the way to Turkey’s conflicting roots to explain where Turkey is today, and how it may be headed down the dark path of dictatorship.

Energy expert Daniel Fink reports on Israel’s discovery of more than 100 billion barrels of oil shale beneath the Holy Land to explore what that means for global energy. Fink takes a glimpse into Israel Energy Initiatives, the cutting-edge company headed by former IDF generals and a former US Vice President, developing the world’s most advanced oil shale technology.

The Tower July Issue also introduces US readers to Tel Aviv’s rising literary star, Ido Angel, in an exclusive interview about the new generation of Israeli novelists, the death of the cultural old guard, and why only Israel could produce the show that led to the hit series “Homeland.”

The Tower’s photographer, leading Israeli fine art photographer Aviram Valdman, explores former Templar stronghold and modern-day city of Acre in a stunning photo, while Neri Zilber showcases the city’s buzzed-about new boutique hotel, the Efendi—and shows how Acre can be a model of Jewish-Arab coexistence.

The Tower magazine has made waves with long-form pieces like National Magazine Award Winner Dahlia Lithwick’s emotional exploration of raising children amid gun violence in America vs. terrorism in Israel, and Zvika Krieger’s look at gay parenting in the Jewish State. Monocle’s Tel Aviv correspondent Adi Schwartz blew open the report on Palestinian and Israeli school texts, and Liam Hoare has exposed Scandinavia’s new anti-Semitism.

According to The Daily Beast/Newsweek, The Tower “is emerging as an indispensable new English-language source on Israel and the Middle East.”

Each monthly issue of The Tower magazine includes a photo essay by leading Israeli fine art photographer, Aviram Valdman, whose work is exhibited at the Israel Museum and Tel Aviv Museum of Art.


About The Tower Magazine

The Tower magazine is a digital, long-form monthly published by the Washington-based Israel Project and devoted exclusively to Israel and the Middle East. With essays and exposés ranging from 2,500 to 6,000 words, The Tower’s leading writers from around the globe explore the issues that are changing the world’s most challenging and exciting region. The Tower magazine is led by Editor David Hazony.

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