The Tower Magazine October Issue Debuts

The October Issue of The Tower Magazine, the leading e-magazine on Middle East affairs, highlights original reporting on why Israel is the real the winner of the Arab Spring; how Hamas' control of the Gaza Strip could derail peace talks and the plight of Egyptian liberals—as well as several other stories.

Since its launch, the online monthly has quickly become a leading source of original writing, reporting, research and policy on the region. To learn more about The Tower Magazine, visit TIP’s project section.




The Tower Magazine Issue# 7, October 2013 Featuring:


The Real Big Winner of the Arab Spring

  • While conventional wisdom holds that Israel's strategic situation has taken a big hit across the Middle East, GABRIEL SCHEINMANN says the opposite is true.

Egypt’s Liberals Can’t Get a Break. Will They Ever?

  • After spending time with Egypt's liberal activists, ARMIN ROSEN unfortunately concludes they are still far from their goal—two revolutions later.

Of Utopian Dreamers and the Israeli Spirit

  • Tower Magazine Editor DAVID HAZONY dines with preeminent Israeli author Yossi Klein Halevi while discussing his new book and a pragmatic, centrist form of Zionism.

The Big Hamas Elephant

  • Elhanan Miller examines the elephant in the room Israeli and the Palestinian negotiators—Hamas controls the Gaza Strip and they categorically refuse peace.

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