The Tower Magazine, Mideast’s Exclusive Long-Form Outlet, Delves into Region Scarred by Syrian War With September Issue

Issue Explores Iran’s Increasingly Savvy Game of Sanctions, a United Nations Divided & the Coming “Kurdish Spring”


Washington, D.C., Sept. 4, 2013 -- The Tower Magazine, the Mideast’s only digital long-form outlet, announced the launch of its September issue today, tackling Iran’s increasingly sophisticated program of sanctions evasion; the UN’s schizophrenic split; the Kurds’ coming political moment; and the Bedouin-centered conflict in the Negev that’s challenging the core of Israeli democracy. The September issue of The Tower Magazine is available for free online at

“The reverberations of the Syrian civil war are felt through the entire Mideast today,” said The Tower Magazine Editor David Hazony. “In the September issue, we see how Syria is part of a larger dynamic taking shape in the region which will have serious and long-lasting consequences for American policy and the world.”

In “Iran’s Newest Weapons, Sanctions Evasion,” former Oxford scholar and Foundation For the Defense of Democracies fellow, Emanuele Ottolenghi, exposes Iran’s use of “a dizzying array” of front companies--particularly in Germany--to advance its illicit nuclear program. Ottolengthi details how Iranian holding companies are buying stakes in major European energy firms, like Thyssenkrupp, as part of these efforts.

Mideast scholar Jonathan Spyer takes on the coming “Kurdish Spring” with a piece on the the growing reality of Kurdish independence. “It has become overwhelmingly clear to me that Kurdish sovereignty would be of benefit to the Kurds, the region as a whole, and Western interests in the Middle East.”

"Why I Stopped Hating the UN,” by New York based international affairs writer Ben Cohen, looks at the growing division at the United Nations between a world body committed to good and an instrument for dictators and oppressive regimes around the world. And in “A Pitched Battle for the Last Empty Place," journalist Liam Hoare shows the untold story of the battle unfolding between the state of Israel and Bedouin tribes which is cutting to the heart of Israel’s democracy.

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