Newsweek/Daily Beast recently called “an indispensable new English-language source on Israel and the Middle East.” 

Founded in February 2013,, is a new non-profit journalism project. is home to The Tower, a new kind news site, updated throughout the day with facts, reporting and real-time analysis of events affecting Israel and the Middle East.  A project of TIP, The Tower  joins its sister publications, The Tower Magazine, a unique source for new ideas, insights, narratives, research, and perspective about Israel and the Middle East bringing together world-class writers with stunning photographic imagery in a digital, monthly format, and Al-Masdar, a new 24/7 Arabic language website.

Each weekday, The Tower’s original content, featuring writers on the ground in the Mideast and Washington D.C., highlights and explains the geopolitical, security, economic, social and other trends affecting the Middle East, proving readers with a unique resource to help understand and interpret the news.

The Tower has created a hub for comprehensive analysis and accurate reporting on the complex events unfolding in the Middle East.

With extensive coverage of critical issues  -- from recent Iranian Elections and dangerous illicit nuclear pursuit, to the ongoing carnage in Syria, and removal of Muslim Brotherhood boss Mohammed Morsi in Egypt— The Tower has quickly proven itself a go-to source for journalists, policymakers and the interested public alike, detailing and explaining the facts on the ground in real time, faster than nearly every other media outlet -- in Arabic or English. The Tower has proven to be an important part of the public conversation. Readers are taking notice, returning to the site in steadily growing numbers, and media outlets are also taking notice, too, regularly linking to's facts and analysis.

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