Terrorists Attack Israel's Southern Border


Jerusalem, Aug. 5 – Terrorists staged a massive attack on the Israeli border Sunday night, firing rockets and mortars at Israeli towns as cover for two stolen Egyptian armored vehicles in an attempt to crash through the security fence into Israeli territory where they were counter-attacked and stopped by Israeli forces.

The attack apparently began on the Egyptian side of the border with Israel and the Gaza Strip when terrorists attacked an Egyptian security post. Initial reports indicated at least 16 Egyptian security personnel were killed,the Al-Arabiya newspaper reported.

The terrorists hijacked two Egyptian armored vehicles. The first one was loaded with explosives and detonated on the border fence to blow an opening. The second vehicle drove into Israel where it was attacked and stopped by Israeli forces with at least 3 terrorists killed, Israel Defense Forces spokesman Brig.  Gen. Yoav Mordechai said in a radio interview.

Senior security officials said that the terrorists who tried to infiltrate Israel were carrying out a major terror attack. "Should they have succeeded, it could have been a very serious terror attack. A major disaster has been prevented," the YNET news service reported.

Tens of thousands of Israeli civilians were ordered to stay in their homes as Palestinians in neighboring Gaza fired mortars and rockets at Israeli towns in the area as an apparent cover for the attack. Only one injury was reported on the Israeli side as forces scoured the area to ensure there were no other terrorists.

“We are in contact with the Egyptians. I think this incident is no less serious for them as it is for us,” Mordechai said. In June terrorists attacked the border fence between Israel and Egypt only a few kilometers away from where Sunday’s attack to place, killing an Israeli civilian.

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