Tension Builds in Gaza as More Rockets Hit Israel

Jerusalem, Dec. 13 – The Israeli army released video footage Monday of a weekend air strike on a munitions dump in the Gaza Strip, showing the weapons cache exploding in the middle of a residential area, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The Iran-back Hamas that controls Gaza continues to allow freedom of operation for independent terrorist militias who fired two dozen rockets and mortars at Israeli civilian targets in the past week, reinforcing Hamas’ policy of armed conflict against Israel and its official policy of refusal to accept the peace process.

The IDF video showed a precision strike on the alleged weapons warehouse in a civilian neighborhood, with multiple secondary explosions indicating that weapons were stored there.

The rocket attacks place a large question mark about Hamas’ intentions under the proposed reconciliation with Fatah. Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization and is negotiating a national unity government with the mainstream Fatah organization in advance of proposed elections next May.

An Israel Television News analyst suspected that Hamas would try to clamp down on militant groups and halt rocket attacks this week, so as not to endanger the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, scheduled for Dec. 18. The release is the second part of the deal under which Hamas released kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

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