Hezbollah’s terrorist army has more than 130,000 rockets, missiles, and mortars aimed at Israel right now. That’s an arsenal bigger than all of NATO COMBINED, except for the U.S. Read that again, a terror group has a bigger arsenal than the vast majority of all the countries in Europe combined – and the world is doing nothing to stop them.

Hezbollah is a global problem. Hezbollah terrorists have killed in Europe, America and Asia. Hezbollah has murdered hundreds of Americans in attacks on U.S. embassies and army bases. Hezbollah saved the mass murdering Assad regime in Syria.

Before an international catastrophe takes place, the world needs to take action. Join us and add your name.

In 2004, the UN Security Council called for "the disbanding and disarmament" of Hezbollah. Since then, the group has added more than 100,000 rockets to its arsenal.

Much worse, Hezbollah has hidden tens of thousands of its missiles and other weapons among civilians. In a war, Hezbollah will launch 1,500 of these missiles per day from inside towns and even from inside homes.

Israel’s protective Iron Dome would be overwhelmed. Military experts predict 150 missiles—likely more—would get through every day. A single M-600 missile could level an entire building in Tel Aviv and Hezbollah has lots of M-600s. Thousands of Israeli civilians could be killed by weapons fired from behind Lebanese civilians.

Hezbollah has made it virtually impossible for Israel to stop the terror missiles without civilian casualties – and the media will blame Israel just as it did in Gaza.

Before it is too late, the world must take real action to stop Hezbollah.

Join us at StopHezbollah.com and demand real action.