Schools Close as Rockets Again Hit Israel

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="210"] House damaged last week by rocket from Gaza[/caption]

Terrorists in Gaza fired deadly Grad rockets at the Israeli city of Beersheba Sunday, forcing officials to close schools and keep tens of thousands of children home for safety.

Overnight mortars were also fired at Israeli towns bordering Gaza in violation of an Egyptian-brokered “lull” in which the Iran-backed Hamas terrorist organization was supposed to stop shooting at Israeli civilians.

So far in 2012 terrorists in Gaza have fired at least 743 explosives at Israeli civilian targets.

Hamas seized control of Gaza in a bloody 2007 military coup and refuses to enter into peace negotiations with Israel. Media reports erroneously reported last week’s agreement as a “ceasefire” or “truce,” but Hamas refuses to use either word and negotiations are always conducted by a third party instead of directly.

Hamas, the local offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, is committed to Israel’s destruction and replacing Israel with an Islamic Palestinian state. Hamas leaders only agree to the Arabic term meaning “lull” in order to preserve their ideological stance of never negotiating with Israel, nor accepting anything resembling cessation of armed conflict.

Last week, terrorists fired at least 96 rockets and mortars at Israel that severely damaged houses and wounded four people, two of them critically. The Grad rockets fired at Beersheba contain a warhead packed with hundreds of steel ball bearings. When such rockets explode, they spray the steel in a deadly swath like hundreds of bullets.

In previous attacks against Beersheba, schools and residences suffered direct hits, and officials were taking no chances in their decision to keep children home and close to bomb shelters.

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