Rocket Hits Southern Israel; Likely Fired from Sinai

Jerusalem, April 5 – A rocket hit a residential neighborhood in the southern Israeli city of Eilat Wednesday night, but no one was injured, and Israeli leaders are working to determine who was responsible for the attack.

The Grad-type rocket appears to have been launched from the Sinai Peninsula. Residents reported hearing three blasts, but so far Israel has found evidence of only one strike.

"We are studying the incident and will strike the people who fired on Eilat and attempted to harm Israeli citizens," Defense Minister Ehud Barak said.

The Sinai has become a common source of terror attacks against Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahusaid in the aftermath of the attack.

An Egyptian security official has said the rocket didn’t emanate from the Sinai.

Israel no longer controls the Sinai, since handing it over to Egypt in exchange for peace in 1979. Israel had taken control of the Sinai following the 1967 Six Day War when Israel launched a pre-emptive strike in an attempt to prevent an imminent attack by surrounding Arab armies amassing on Israel’s borders. Israel uprooted more than 7,000 of its citizens to give the area to Egypt.

The Sinai has since turned into a lawless area known for drug and human trafficking and other crimes.

Most rocket attacks against Israel are perpetrated by terrorists in Gaza, who have fired 339 rockets, mortars and missiles into Israel this year alone.

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