Rocket Explodes on School as Attacks Continue


Jerusalem, June 24 – Hamas terrorists fired dozens of rockets at Israel over the weekend, with rockets hitting a  school and leaving one person in hospital with serious wounds. Despite an Egyptian-brokered truce that was supposed to take effect Saturday night, two mortar bombs were fired at Israel Sunday morning followed by three more rockets, but caused no injuries or damage.

Students were home on their day off when the Qassam rocket exploded against the outside wall of the school in Sderot, a town hit by over 3,000 rockets in the past decade. The school is one of several in the area that have been fitted with steel-reinforced concrete covers to protect against such rocket attacks.

However, one rocket slammed into the roof of a nearby factory and exploded. The blast left a gaping hole in the roof and sent shards shrapnel flying in all directions. Rockets fired from Gaza are so close that factory workers had only 15 seconds to reach emergency shelters placed throughout the building. One metal chunk from the rocket struck a 52-year-old employee in the neck.

It was the sixth consecutive day of rocket fire following a terrorist attack last Monday that left an Israeli civilian dead. More than 150 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israeli civilian targets from the area controlled by Iran-backed Hamas terrorist organization.

Hamas, which rejects the peace process and calls for armed conflict to destroy Israel, seized power in Gaza in a bloody military coup in 2007.

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