Rocket Bombardment Leaves One Dead, Many Wounded on Saturday

Washington, Aug. 20 - In two Grad rocket strikes on the southern Israeli city of Beerseba on Saturday evening, one person has been reported dead, with at least sixteen wounded. In a separate strike on Saturday, two children were injured when a rocket struck Ofakim. These new casualties join the at least seven wounded civilians from Friday’s rocket attacks which struck a school and a synagogue in Ashdod, a port city of 250,000 people.

The south of Israel continues to be the target of heavy rocket fire throughout Saturday in a third straight day of violence aimed at Israeli civilians. Since the terror attack conducted Thursday against Israeli civilians, the southern areas of the country have been hit with more than 75 rockets.

Israel’s advanced anti-rocket barrier, Iron Dome, intercepted several projectiles. More than one million Israeli citizens are within range of rockets being fired by Hamas into Israel.

Over the last two days, Israel has taken pro-active steps to defend Israeli citizens from attack, striking back against those terrorists responsible for Thursday’s attack and the current rocket fire.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak stated, “Over the last two days, Israel has been hitting back hard at those responsible for the attack in the south and is acting with efficiency against the launching of Grad missiles and rockets from Gaza in order to protect the citizens of Israel.”

Meanwhile, Israeli families began burying those killed on Thursday. Eight people, six of them civilians, were slain when terrorists opened fire on two public buses and private cars close to the Israeli resort town of Eilat.

Four of the dead - two sisters and their husbands - were on their way to vacation in Egypt when their vehicle came under fire.

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