Polls: Netanyahu Voters Favor Two-State Peace

A majority of people who said they would vote for Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Beiteinu or even further to the right would support a two-state peace deal with the Palestinians, according to two polls published in December.

The surveys suggested 57-58 percent of supporters of Likud Beiteinu favor a demilitarized Palestinian state based on the 1949 armistice lines.

Of those planning on voting for the hawkish Jewish Home/National Union slate, 53 percent said they would back such an agreement.

The polls were conducted for the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace in Washington by two public research companies.

Support for the proposed peace deal rose to 67-68 percent among the general public.

Polling since the Camp David peace talks in 2000 have shown a majority of Israelis favor an agreement roughly in line with that included in the Abraham surveys.

Over the past few years Netanyahu has repeatedly called on the Palestinians to resume direct peace talks without pre-conditions.

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