Peres Talks Peace on Facebook; Nano with IBM

Palo Alto, March 6, 2012 – Aside from his passion for the peace process, Israel’s veteran president, Shimon Peres, has also turned his attention in recent years to hi-tech – leading Israel’s nanotechnology push.

After meeting United States President Barack Obama on Sunday, the octogenarian headed for California’s Silicon Valley in an attempt to bring together his peacemaking and desire for technological advancement.

Peres, who has already embraced the YouTube video website, is launching his Facebook page on Tuesday, alongside the social network’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. The event is broadcast live at 9am (PST) and begins with a live chat.

Additionally, the president is launching the “Peres 360” project in which he will be "available" 24 hours a day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (real time smartphone photo-sharing network), BioTube and his own website.

He is calling on people to use these vehicles to suggest more ways to create peace.

Peres is also well aware that the future is in nanotechnology and the ability to reduce the size of many machines and applications. He visited the computer giant IBM in California on Monday, where he not only learned of the latest technologies but also imparted his own knowledge, enjoying a full, detailed dialog with IBM executives and scientists.

The president also stars in a behind the scenes video at IBM where he explains in some detail just how small a nanometer is, and how nanotechnology can change the way we live.


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