PA Govt. Pays Palestinian Prisoners Held by Israel


Jerusalem, Sept. 4 — In the Palestinian territories, crime – especially killing Israelis - pays.

Under a law passed by the Palestinian Authority (PA), Palestinian prisoners in Israel jails are paid at least $250 a month. This is the amount given to security detainees sentenced to five years in an Israeli prison while a Hamas terrorist convicted of planning the 2002 Park Hotel massacre on Passover gets $36,000 annually, according to a report by The Times of Israel.

In the 2002 attack, a suicide bomber killed 30 people and injured another 140 as they sat down for a Passover meal in the Israeli coastal city of Netanya.

Altogether, the PA spends six percent of its budget doling out cash to those serving time for crimes ranging from security offenses to mass murder, the report states. The longer the sentence, the greater the compensation: Those serving life sentences get $12,000 annually.

Such payments were made part of PA law in 2003, according to the report; last year, PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad tripled the payments, which go to prisoners belonging to Iran-backed Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah organization, among other groups.

The PA earmarked $54 million of its budget annually for such payments as of May 2011. And it’s not just the convicts themselves who get paid; the Palestinian Authority hands out a total of $78 million of its budget to families of suicide bombers.

Other compensation includes $4,200 annually for prisoners sentenced to up to three years in Israeli jails and $6,000 annually for prisoners sentenced to three to five years in Israeli jails, with an additional $900 annually for wives of each prisoner and $150 per child.

Money is just one of the ways the PA government glorifies terrorists as part of the system’s ongoing culture of hate. Sports stadiums, schools and public squares frequently are named after suicide bombers, and PA-sponsored cartoons, TV shows and children’s programs are typical vehicles used to indoctrinate the Palestinian people.

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