Obama admin: nuke deal will take effect without Iran meeting long standing conditions


The nuclear deal with Iran officially took effect on Sunday, with the U.S. taking steps to initiate sanctions relief, as The Wall Street Journal reported that the Obama administration has “played down the importance of a United Nations probe into whether Tehran has attempted to secretly develop the technologies needed to build atomic weapons.” The Journal quoted a senior administration official, who said, “The final assessment, which the IAEA is aiming to complete by December 15, is not a prerequisite for implementation day.” The official continued, “We are not in a position to evaluate the quality…of the data. That is between Iran and the IAEA.”

Previously, the administration had insisted that Iran had to resolve the IAEA’s outstanding concerns about the possible military dimensions (PMDs) of its nuclear program. Secretary of State John Kerry, when asked by PBS’s Judy Woodruff if the U.S. would accept Iran not disclosing its PMDs, said last April, “No. They have to do it. It will be done. If there’s going to be a deal; it will be done.” Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman said in February 2015 in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the U.S. had “required that Iran come clean on its past actions as party of any comprehensive agreement.” After the framework was announced in Lausanne in April, however, the administration appeared to backtrack. In June, Secretary Kerrytold the press, “We know what they did. We have no doubt. We have absolute knowledge with respect to the certain military activities they were engaged in. What we’re concerned about is going forward. It’s critical to us to know that going forward, those activities have been stopped, and that we can account for that in a legitimate way.”


A terror attack in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba last night killed one and injured 11 more, The Times of Israel reported yesterday. A top Palestinian official praised the attack as an “act of heroism.”


According to the police, following an initial investigation, the attacker stabbed a soldier and stole his weapon, opening fire on the crowded bus terminal.


The soldier later died of his wounds after being rushed to a hospital in the area.


Rescue officials said 11 people were injured in the attack, which occurred at about 7:30 p.m.

The attack was the latest in a weekend that saw seven attempted stabbings in Jerusalem and Hebron.

In the confusion after the Palestinian terrorist stabbed the Israeli soldier, a security officer shot an Eritrean man who was mistakenly believed to be involved in the attack. The Eritrean, identified as Haftom Zarhum, later died of his wounds. The police areinvestigating the circumstances surrounding his death. The soldier who was killed wasidentified as Omri Levi.

The terrorist, identified as Muhanad Alukabi, 21, was from a nearby Bedouin village. The Times reported that Bedouin leaders condemned the attack, while the terrorist’s father, Khalil Alukabi, said, “This is an individual act carried out by my son on his own accord. We are against violence.”

“Following [Sunday’s] terrorist attack at the Beersheba central bus station in which two innocent people lost their lives, we utterly and unreservedly condemn this despicable act and reject violence of any sort,” Hura Mayor Mohammed Alnabari said in a statement as community leaders gathered for an urgent meeting.

Another Bedouin mayor, Talal al-Krenawi of the city of Rahat, reportedly told Israel’s Channel 2, “His family is not known as a family that encourages acts of terrorism. The head of their family, Sheikh Alukabi, helped establish this state,” he added. “This is why we are even more shocked; we really cannot comprehend it.”

The Jerusalem Post reported that Jibril Rajoub, Palestinian Football Association Chairman and a possible successor to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, called the attack an “act of heroism.”

Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the “wild and mendacious incitement by Hamas, the Palestinian Authority,” saying it was fueling the latest wave of Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis. Two days after Netanyahu’s remarks, Ynet reported that Fatah, the party of President Abbas, was distributing official flyers in honor of several of the terrorists. (via TheTower.org)


A group of Israeli sailing club members out for a leisurely sail on Sunday morning quickly found themselves leading a dramatic rescue operation to save the lives of 11 Syrian and Iraqi refugees whose boat had capsized in the Mediterranean Sea. The Posidon Sailing Club members pulled eight adults and four children – among them tragically a dead baby still cradled in his mother’s arms — out of the water. “I’ve been at sea for 40 years and this is the first time something like this happened to me. I heard ‘save me’ from the waters, we stopped the boat and saw a youth with a life jacket. We brought him out of the water and he told us his brother had gone missing and was probably dead,” Shlomo Asban, captain of the Israeli yacht, told Ynet. Asban recounted that a few minutes after the stirring rescue, the Israeli sailors noticed others bobbing in the water beside an overturned dinghy. The Ashdod sailing club members pulled them out of the water, including a mother cradling her dead son. “The mother said she had held her baby son’s body all night,” he told the Hebrew news site. Baruch said that one of the people rescued was “a man going into diabetic shock. We gave him sweet things to eat and were able to save his life.” “After we told them that we are Jews from Israel, they kissed us and said ‘thank you,'” Asban related. Baruch added that the rescue was extremely trying: “It’s not easy to see this kind of situation. After an hour at sea with us, we dropped them off safely and they were transferred to Greek authorities.” To see the video of the dramatic rescue, click here. (via Israel21c)

Long before he thought he would ever become leader of Britain’s Labour Party, which he was overwhelmingly elected to lead on September 15 of this year, Jeremy Corbyn referred to the Islamist terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends.

“It will be my pleasure and my honor to host an event in Parliament where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking,” Corbyn said in a 2009 speech. “I’ve also invited friends from Hamas to come and speak as well. Unfortunately, the Israelis would not allow them to travel here so it’s going to be only friends from Hezbollah.”

“The idea that an organization that is dedicated towards the good of the Palestinian people and bringing about long-term peace and social justice and political justice in the whole region should be labeled a terrorist organization by the British government is really a big, big historical mistake,” Corbyn added. The government should “start talking directly to Hamas and Hezbollah,” he concluded, for it is the “only way to bring about peace.”

When challenged on national television this summer about his friendship with war criminals whose primary tactic is indiscriminately firing rockets at the homes of Israeli civilians, presumably as part of their commitment to peace and social justice, Corbyn exploded. He claimed that he merely used the term “friends” collectively, just as he would with anyone else; he did not agree with Hamas and Hezbollah. Corbyn also asserted that he has met with Israeli settlers and those from “the other side”—an assertion that has yet to be proven.

It seems that the new leader of the Labour Party is friends with two bloody organizations committed to erasing Israel from the map of the Middle East and whose Islamist values are ostensibly antithetical to his own. And this is, troublingly, only the tip of the iceberg. Throughout the Labour leadership campaign, Corbyn’s connections with anti-Semites, anti-Zionists, Islamists, terrorists, and Holocaust deniers were exposed in the British media. Each revelation only seemed to bolster the righteousness of his supporters, who turned Corbyn into a political phenomenon.

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory is deeply disturbing. It speaks to the ideological corruption of the Labour Party—traditionally an engine for the economic, social, and cultural betterment of the British people—and the collapse of its political center. The party has now been taken hostage by a tendency on the British Left that claims to be committed to free political and personal expression, while it ignores the concerns of Jews at home and abroad, and pledges alliance to every person, organization, and nation whose raison d’être is anti-American and anti-Israel. This includes everyone from Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez to Vladimir Putin and, of course, the aforementioned Hezbollah and Hamas.

Philosophically juvenile and unserious, this tendency—with Corbyn as its public face—nevertheless has the potential to do a great deal of damage, especially to the Labour Party and its relationship with Israel and the British Jewish community.

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