Netanyahu to Renew Call for Two-State Solution


Jerusalem, April 29 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to send a letter to the Palestinians this week calling for the renewal of direct peace negotiations without preconditions, his spokesman said Sunday.

Netanyahu will reply to a letter from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas earlier this month in which the Palestinians made several accusations and demands. Among the demands was a call for Israel stop construction in disputed territories and release Palestinian prisoners including all those convicted of terrorist bombings.

“The two-state solution via direct negotiations without precondition is the way to overcome the issues,” Netanyahu’s spokesman Mark Regev said. “I expect that the letter will be sent this week.”

A major stumbling block to the peace talks is the split between Abbas’ Fatah party that controls the West Bank, and the Hamas terrorist group that seized power from Fatah in Gaza in a bloody 2007 military coup. While Fatah signed the Oslo Accords with Israel, Hamas totally rejects the peace process and has vowed to destroy Israel and replace it with a fundamentalist Islamic state.

All attempts to reconcile between Fatah and Hamas have failed, yet the Palestinians refuse to return to negotiations despite repeated calls from the international community.

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