Netanyahu to Abbas: Stop Embracing Terror

Jerusalem, Feb. 8 – The Palestinian Authority has chosen to embrace terror rather than peace, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Feb. 8.

“The P.A. must choose between the path of Hamas and the path of peace,” he said. “Of late the P.A. has decided to refrain from acting against extremists and has even chosen to embrace them.”

It is not too late for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to make a course correction, Netanyahu told lawmakers.

The official organs of the Palestinian government incite against Jews and create pacts with those that openly commit themselves to the destruction of Israel, he added.

Netanyahu was speaking in the Knesset as the Israeli parliament marked its 63 anniversary. The event was an opportunity for all Israelis to celebrate their nation’s democracy. Freedoms and democracy are not measured by elections but rather by what happens between them, Netanyahu told a packed chamber.

The premier advised the Arab world that democracy is not a one-off and that the Arab Spring must transform into something long lasting.

“We want to know if there’ll be serious institutions that will uphold democracy. Will they be able to stand up to the challenges that come to the fore every democracy? It’s really too early to know,” he said.

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