Netanyahu: Peace is a Joint Egypt-Israel Interest


Jerusalem, June 25 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty is a key factor for Egypt under its newly elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

“Israel looks forward to continuing cooperation with the Egyptian government on the basis of the peace treaty between the two countries, which is a joint interest of both peoples and contributes to regional stability,” Netanyahu said in an official statement.

Since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak and the ascension to power of the Muslim Brotherhood party, Israeli leaders have repeatedly talked of the importance of the 1979 peace treaty signed between the two regional powers.

Iran Ties

A few hours before he was declared the winner, Morsi told the Iranian Fars news agency he wanted to build normal relations with Iran and develop a "strategic balance" in the region. Iran broke off diplomatic relations with Egypt after it signed the peace treaty with Israel.

Egypt’s population is predominantly Sunni Muslim, while Iran is the region’s leading Shiite power. Iran is known for its support of terrorist groups in Lebanon and funneling illegal weapons to Egypt that are smuggled to Hamas in Gaza. Radical Islamic terrorists have also frequently attacked popular Egyptian tourist sites, seriously damaging the tourism industry that is vital to Egypt’s economy.

In the past week Hamas and other terrorist groups fired over 150 rockets and mortars at Israeli civilian targets. Iran is the suspected supplier of most of the weapons used.

In Gaza one man was killed and five people injured including two girls as Hamas supporters fired their guns in the air as thousands of people took to the streets to celebrate Morsi’s victory.

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