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TIP works hard to ensure the discussion across all platforms is based on facts. Utilizing our wide network of experts, TIP connects journalists, policy-makers and the public—the key individuals driving the global conversation about Israel and the Middle East—with educated professionals in academia, the military and at think tanks.

In both Israel and the United States, TIP brings together preeminent scholars and the avenues necessary to broadcast their expertise across the media spectrum. Through conference calls, press briefings, blog posts in the and articles in The Tower Magazine, TIP delivers detailed information to the public on the topics of the day.

For more information, visit our events page or read one of the many long-form exposes in The Tower Magazine.

If you would like to request on-the-record commentary from an expert on Middle East affairs for one of your events, fill out the form at  and a member of TIP’s staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

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