For over 2 years, Israel has faced a Palestinian terror onslaught. It's a terror wave driven by vile anti-Israeli incitement. But the world is silent — and the terror is continuing. Add your name to stand with Israel in her pain and tell the world — Palestinian terrorism must stop.

An Israeli husband and wife were murdered while their four young children looked on. Another Israeli family was attacked by a terrorist in Jerusalem — on the way to pray at the Western Wall. 184 stabbing attacks, 161 shootings, 60 vehicular (ramming) attacks, and 1 bus bombing have murdered 46 innocents and put hundreds more in the hospital. Hundreds more were foiled by Israel's security services.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas refuses to condemn the murders. Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad praise the terrorists and celebrate in the streets. The Palestinian Authority pays $300 million a year to terrorists and their families – incentivizing more murder.

To make matters worse, headlines in the global media pay little attention and some even focus on Israel’s actions to neutralize the terrorists rather than the Israeli families being brutally murdered.

TIP is launching a social media campaign to make sure the world knows that their aid money to the PA is being used to support terrorism and Palestinian leaders are fueling the terrorism with their incitement.

This wave of Palestinian terror has to stop. Israel is crying out. The world must hear Israel’s pain — and break its silence. Add your name to join our campaign and let the world know.

The names of the murdered are Naama and Eitam Henkin, Nehemia Lavi, Aharon Banito and many, many more. “For as long as we live, they too will live, for they are now a part of us. We remember them.” We must all take action to make sure their deaths are not in vain.