Jenin Governor Dies Following Attack on Home


New York, May 2 – Jenin's district governor, known to have had good relations with Israel, died last night of a heart attack after gunmen fired on his home. The assault is believed to be an act of revenge by the family of a Palestinian man who was killed in a stand-off with Palestinian police.

Kadura Musa, 60, fired shots in the air as his bodyguards returned fire; Musa wasn’t injured in the exchange. Afterward, however, the West Bank governor said he wasn’t feeling well and was taken to a hospital where he died.

Just two weeks earlier, Palestinian police surrounded the home of a Palestinian man wanted by police. Amthal Ghawadara, of the village Deir al-Basha in northern Jenin district, was killed in the shooting. His family swore revenge, according to a news report, even firing on the local police station.

As governor of Jenin since 2005, Musa – a former journalist – worked successfully with the Palestinian Authority (PA) to quell violence in the area. Before that he was secretary-general for PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party and also spent 12 years in an Israeli prison.

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