Israel Wins U.N. General Assembly Vote

Washington, Dec. 5 - Israel won a rare victory in the United Nations Friday when 133 member states supported its proposal to widen the availability of farming technology to developing nations.

"The Israeli proposal aims to empower women in rural areas, promote food security and farmer education, and slow down the effects of climate change,” according to the Israeli news outlet YNET.

"There is a broad spectrum of co-sponsors and supporters of this resolution," Israel's Deputy Ambassador to the UN Haim Waxman said Thursday of the resolution. "It is a testament to the central importance of this issue and the vast potential of agricultural technology. Today this Committee is saying loud and clear that agricultural technology can build more resilient communities, stronger nations and a more prosperous planet."

The vote marks a rare win for the Jewish state, which has often seen Arab and Muslim nations use the General Assembly as a political platform to denounce Israel. Indeed, Arab states, led by the Iraq delegation which called the bill a cover for Israel’s “illegal and destructive” policies, made up most of the 35 nations which abstained.

The Palestinian Authority is in the midst of a campaign at the UN to gain statehood through a Security Council or General Assembly vote rather than through peace talks with Israel.

Israel has long been a pioneer in agricultural technologies, and has forged bonds with developing nations in Africa and elsewhere by sharing its experts and innovative technologies.

Israeli ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor thanked the members who voted to support Israel’s proposal, but chided the Arab states for bringing politics into the vote on the proposal, which could likely aid developing Arab nations as well.

In December 2007, Israel won a similar vote on “Agricultural Technology for Development” at the UNGA's Second Committee (Economic and Financial).

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