Israel Thanks Egypt; Asks for Help on Sinai

Jerusalem, March 13 – Israel thanked Cairo today for brokering a deal that will hopefully mean an end to Gaza rocket attacks against the homes of Israeli citizens.

The Israel Defense Forces believes Iran-backed terrorists fired in excess of 200 rockets and mortars during the past four days.

Egypt cut a deal that may lead to a lull in rocket fire, even though terrorists fired at least 20 projectiles after the agreement came into force.

“Egypt deserves credit. Egypt is very important. They have succeeded here,” Israeli Defense Ministry Policy Director Amos Gilad told reporters on a conference call organized by The Israel Project.

However, he also urged Cairo to help prevent the spread of Islamist terror groups through the Sinai Peninsula – sovereign Egyptian territory that borders Israel.

“Sinai’s challenge must be met with efficient treatment…Only Egyptians can do it,” said Gilad, a former head of military intelligence.

The retired major general also stressed Israel’s primary goal: “We are working to save or to guarantee the lives of our citizens…we will do everything that is needed.”

Islamic Jihad, the Iranian-sponsored terror group behind most of the rocket fire, is committed to Israel’s destruction. The organization issued a statement today celebrating its victory of the Israeli enemy, claiming the truce was Israel caving in to its acts of violence.

"The truce understanding took place as a result of the legendary steadfastness of our people, our distinctive action and our blessed strike," an Islamic Jihad official told Quds Press.

While the media is reporting an Egyptian-sponsored ceasefire, Islamist terror groups make it clear they can never agree to a ceasefire with Israel. For them, any calm or lull is merely a temporary stage before they move to wipe Israel off the map.

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