Israel Raises Security to Meet Threat of New Attacks

Jerusalem, Aug. 24 - Palestinian terrorists may be planning to launch new attacks on Israel near its border with Egypt, Israeli intelligence has suggested, prompting Israel to announce on Wednesday a slew of new security and intelligence-gathering efforts.

The order from Israel’s top military official, Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz, comes less than a week after terrorists launched a wave of attacks on Israelis just north of the Israeli resort town of Eilat – amid reports of more planned attacks.

Eight Israelis, including six civilians, were killed in the wave of coordinated attacks carried out by a dozen terrorists on Aug. 18. Gaza’s Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility for the murders.

Since then, terrorists have fired around 160 rockets and mortars at southern Israeli cities including Beersheba, where two people died and scores were injured. On Wednesday, terrorists in Gaza fired four mortars that hit southern Israel but caused no injuries. Gaza-based terrorists also launched a rocket that hit the Egyptian town of Rafah, lightly injuring an Egyptian woman.

The newly announced security measures include changes in operational procedures at the Navy Command Center in Eilat.

"These are important changes that come in response to the serious threat that Israel faces today from the Sinai Peninsula," a military source said.

The Defense Ministry may also expedite the construction of a security fence along the Israel-Egypt border.

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