Israel: Iran Developing Missiles that Reach New York, London, Moscow, Beijing

Jerusalem, Feb. 2 – Iran is trying to develop missiles with a range of 10,000 kilometers (6,200 miles) that would bring New York into its crosshairs, according to Israeli Vice-Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon.

Should Iran attain such delivery capabilities, cities on five continents would be in Tehran’s reach, including Moscow, Beijing, Perth (Australia), Johannesburg and Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil).

Speaking at the annual Herzliya Conference on Feb. 2, Yaalon said a recent explosion in Iran took place at an R&D center where the 10,000-range device was being developed. Yaalon was referring to a November 2011 blast at an Iranian missile base that killed, among others, Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, described as the architect of Iran's missile program.

The missile program is “aimed at America, not us,” he said.

Iranian leaders have repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel and actively arm, fund and train their proxies Hezbollah and Hamas, designated terror organizations that sit on Israel’s borders.

However, Arab and Western leaders have expressed concern that they too are in Tehran’s firing line.

Not only is Iran developing the delivery mechanisms but is also seemingly continuing with its attempt to build nuclear bombs.

"Iran has enough nuclear material for four bombs…The intelligence community agrees with Israel on that. Iran has over four tons of enriched materials and nearly 100kg of 20% enriched uranium – that's enough for four bombs," said Israeli Director of Military Intelligence Major General Aviv Kochavi.

“Iran is continuing to prove without any shadow of doubt that it is continuing to carry out the development and advancement of a nuclear military weapon,” Kochavi added.

Iran announced on Feb. 1 that it is about to unveil a new domestically-made missile and radar system.

Iran’s air defense unit recently re-equipped “with large numbers of the home-made Mersad Air Defense Missile System.”

The European Union and United States approved tough sanctions against Tehran in January but Israel is concerned an implementation date of July 2012 will be too late to stop Iran attaining its nuclear aspirations.

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