Israel Fears Repeat Sinai Terror Attack; Faces New Iranian Threat

Jerusalem, Aug. 30 – The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has increased its presence along the Israeli border with Egypt. The IDF fears Gaza-based terror organizations are planning attacks from the Sinai Peninsula similar to those two weeks ago that resulted in the killing of at least eight Israelis.

The IDF believes Islamic Jihad, amongst others, is preparing to launch an assault from the Egyptian territory.

“We have to get used to the fact that there is a new threat here and it demands attention. We won't be taking any chances,” an Israeli military official told the Hebrew news portal Ynet.

There is no barrier for much of the 150-mile border. In the wake of the Aug. 18 attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to fully seal the frontier by the end of 2012.

Terror organizations in Hamas-controlled Gaza continue to rearm. Reports on Tuesday suggested over the last six months they purchased anti-aircraft and anti-tank rockets from Libya.

“We will need tight co-operation with Egypt to crack down on the smuggling. Naturally, Egypt needs no more pressure from us to sure up its own borders with Libya,” an Israeli official told The Telegraph.

While Israel is facing an increased threat to its southwest, other ongoing perils remain. Terrorists fired another rocket into Israel from Gaza on Monday - the 521st this year.

To the north, Iran-backed Hezbollah is calling for Israel’s destruction. The Palestinians must not give up on a “grain of sand or a drop of water,” according to Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah.

To the east, Tehran announced on Monday that it has begun the mass production of anti-armor rockets. The projectiles will target enemy tanks, armored vehicles and munitions sites, Iranian Defense Minister AhmadVahidi told reporters.

“The lightweight rockets with high precision and armor-penetration power are suitable for ground and tactical operations that can play an important role in destroying targets in close and distance strikes and regular and irregular wars,” Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV reported Vahidi as saying.

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