IsraAid Launches Three Humanitarian Efforts

Washington, Dec. 12 - IsraAid, a coalition of Israeli non-governmental organizations and nonprofits, is sending today and tomorrow three different delegations to support its humanitarian missions in Kenya, South Sudan, and Haiti.

The three countries all suffer from poverty and are ravaged by famine and disease while Haiti is still struggling to recover from the catastrophic 2010 earthquake.

IsraAid, founded in 2001, is comprised of dozens of Israeli and Jewish organizations that provide humanitarian aid. The organization has in the past sent teams to such places as Myanmar and Peru to lend assistance following natural disasters. In March, IsraAid worked in Japan following a massive earthquake and deadly tsunami.

In Kenya, IsraAid will assist aid efforts in the northwest region of the country, which is suffering from a devastating famine. They will distribute food to local hospitals and communities.

The IsraAid team traveling to South Sudan, the world’s newest state, will help girls at risk of sexual abuse, rape, and violence. The group had sent a team in July to distribute aid to the thousands of refugees from the decades-long civil war in Sudan.

In Haiti, IsraAid’s newest team will reinforce its program to empower local communities recovering from the earthquake.

Israel was lauded by the international community for its efforts in the immediate aftermath of the massive 2010 Haiti earthquake, when the Israeli Defense Forces sent search and rescue teams as well as a field hospital to the island.

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