‘Iran Nuclear Program Definitely for Weapons’

Jerusalem, Mar. 7 – The world should have no doubt that impartial evidence from the United Nations nuclear watchdog clearly shows Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon, the former chief of Israeli army intelligence said.

“They (Iranians) were caught red handed already with high level of enrichment, with military aspects of the program,” Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin told reporters at a briefing organized by The Israel Project.

He noted that it was the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency that revealed Iran’s nuclear weapons goals, not the United States or Israel, and that international sanctions were hurting Iran, despite Tehran’s repeated claims that its nuclear program was for civilian use only.

“They are paying a lot for doing it – if they haven’t decided to go to nuclear weapons, why are they paying (the price of heavy sanctions)?” Yadlin said. “Why not let the inspectors come? Why not sign the additional protocols” that were requested by the IAEA, whose inspectors were denied access last week to key nuclear sites?

Yadlin said Iran had a very “sophisticated strategy” in place with the decision already made to achieve nuclear weapons capability, but that the Iranians hid the decision making process. “You will not see the formal decision somewhere. You will see what they are doing when they do it. And they are already preparing everything for doing (a nuclear weapon).”

Yadlin told the reporters that the Americans understand that if Iran gets nuclear weapons it will be “ the end of the NPT (nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) - it is nuclearization all over the Middle East.”

“The Saudis will be next (along with) Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and the unstable Middle East, which is not that stable today when Iran is not nuclear, is going to be much more unstable with nuclear weapons all over the place and not in a bilateral balance of power, but with multi-lateral balance of power with a lot of proxies and terrorists that can have a nuclear capability.”

Yadlin cautioned Israel has the ability to strike a target even further than the 1981 mission that destroyed the Iraqi nuclear, at the time considered beyond the range of the Israeli military.

“The Israelis in the past have proved that they can do things that look in the beginning from an engineering point (of view that they) are impossible.”

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