Iran has Bigger Plans than Destroying Israel

Tel Aviv, Mar. 1 – The former head of research for Israeli army intelligence said Thursday that Iran’s desire to destroy Israel is just one step in Tehran’s push for international dominance.

“The Iranians are trying to become a world power,” former brigadier-general Yossi Kupperwasser said at a briefing organized by The Israel Project.  He rejected the idea that people look at the problem as Israel versus Iran because of repeated Iranian threats to destroy Israel.

“If they manage to have hegemony in their region, wipe Israel or minimize the existence of Israel to the point where it may be wiped off the map and acquire weapons of mass destruction – especially nuclear weapons – they will become a world power,” Kupperwasser said, adding that Iran’s goals include exporting its ideology and the Islamic revolution.

He pointed out that Iran is working hard to develop networks not just in Latin America and Africa, but around the world. “They are everywhere. They are not ready to accept the status quo. All the attempts to appease them and to think that their rationale is giving preference to stability…is a wrong assumption. “

“They have no interest in stability,” Kupperwaser said. “They promote instability and export the (Islamic) revolution. They don’t have that many successes, but the never stop working day in and day out.”

Kupperwasser said most countries are now committed to stopping Iran. “It is a shared interest of everybody in the international community,” he said. “Everybody is also, if necessary, in retrospect, ready to pay the price that may go along with it.”

An International Atomic Energy Agency team sent to Iran last week failed to gain access to key facilities suspected of being sites of nuclear-weapons development. The urgency of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons is shared by Western countries.

“The key thing is to show Tehran that it is under pressure that will keep growing until it changes its approach,” the head of the Iran group in the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, John Davies, told Israel’s Channel 2 Television.

Pressure on Iran from the UK shot up following the closing of its embassy in Tehran in November after it was invaded by a mob of Iranian rioters.  Davis said the recent report by the IAEA that Iran was working on weaponizing its nuclear program was a key factor.

“The agency report shows why we are so concerned – why we have to work fast,” Davies said.


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