Intelligence Tours

The Israel Project provides geopolitical tours of Jerusalem and tours of the borders with Syria, Lebanon, and the Sinai, as well as other topical ground tours.

Jerusalem Tour

The Israel Project has taken thousands of journalists and diplomats on tours of Jerusalem. Retired members from the IDF intelligence unit provide a geo-strategic overview of the key issues impacting the city. Participants gain the visual context and the Israeli perspective of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish, democratic State of Israel. The guides also emphasize the freedom of access granted by Israel to the Muslim, Christian and Jewish holy sites since 1967 as well as joint projects being conducted with the Arab residents of the capital, such as sewage treatment and general improvement of infrastructure.

Sinai Tour

During the spring of 2012, TIP launched its Sinai-border tour focusing on the changing geo-strategic situation on the Egyptian-Israeli frontier. Since then, military attaches from United Nations Security Council countries, other leading diplomats, and international journalists based in Israel have been guided by military analysts to see firsthand the complex reality on Israel's southern border including terror attacks carried out by Iran-backed Gaza terrorists in Sinai.

Hi-Tech Intellitour

With Israel’s hi-tech industry experiencing unprecedented growth in the past decade, new innovations and technologies developed in Israel are in great demand worldwide. Showcasing some exciting strides in this field, The Israel Project has hosted several groups of journalists on its hi-tech tour, which includes site visits to well-established global powerhouses such as Teva Pharmaceuticals alongside exciting start-ups such as SideKick, a pioneer startup video-game production house.

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