In threat to Jerusalem, Nasrallah warns of missile attacks, port closures in next Israel-Hezbollah war


Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday warned that rockets in the Iran-backed terror group’s arsenal were capable of hitting any place in the Jewish state – specifically that Jerusalem “will not find a single piece of land” that rockets could not hit – and that Israel would be forced to close its ports in the event of a military conflict with Hezbollah. The latter threat appeared to be a response to comments made by a senior IDF official last week to the effect that in a future war, Hezbollah was likely to target Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport and its seaport in Haifa. Hezbollah is believed to have up to 100,000 rockets in its arsenal, and its leaders have for months been threatening confrontation with the Jewish state. The Lebanese terror group is believed to have constructed an underground tunnel network leading into Israel’s north, which its operatives would use to conduct a spectacular terror attack against residents along the Israel-Lebanon border. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has last month contextualized an October incident – in which Hezbollah fighters attacked an Israeli convoy, injuring two soldiers – against the backdrop of regional crises and instability, telling the country's cabinet at the time that "we are witness to threats accumulating around us" and committing Israel to "respond with force against any attempt to attack" the Jewish state.


Israeli-made inflatable isolation tents are now being sent to African nations, in an attempt to combat the deadly Ebola virus. The sterile tents are being made in Or Akiva by SYS Technologies. “SYS Technologies goal is to develop, produce and distribute breakthrough products in the field of clean air technology in order to enable medical caretakers to improve the quality of medical treatment for patients and casualties,” reads the company’s mission statement. According to a Hebrew media report, Guinea recently installed the mobile field hospital tents. “There is currently no effective treatment for Ebola, so the principal weapon against it is to isolate the patients so that others aren’t infected,” entrepreneur Yossi Yonah, who is marketing the Israeli solution, told YNet. “Our units are far more readily available than other mobile structures, and they are hermetically sealed and protect the surroundings from the patients.” According to reports, SYS Technologies has also received orders from other African countries trying to deal with halting any possible outbreaks of the Ebola virus. (via Israel21c)

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