Hezbollah a New Danger to Africa

Jerusalem, Feb. 22 – The Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization is establishing a dangerous foothold in Africa allowing it to carry out more international terror attacks, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor told the U.N. Security Council.

“Hezbollah uses West Africa as a transit point for funneling money, arms, and drugs to far-reaching corners of the globe,” Prosor said at a special debate on the growing security challenges facing West Africa.  “The world cannot afford to stand by and give Hezbollah a base of operations in West Africa.”

Armed and funded by Iran, Hezbollah is based in Lebanon where it refuses local and international demands to disarm its private army and be integrated into Lebanese society.

“These activities are not only a clear and imminent danger to the people of Africa. Hezbollah and their Iranian sponsors pose a threat to innocent people in all corners of the globe – as we saw last week in New Delhi, Bangkok and Tbilisi,” Prosor said referring to terrorist attacks last week linked to Hezbollah and Iran. Several Iranian nationals were arrested in the Bangkok incident, and Azerbaijan police arrested a group plotting attacks against foreign citizens on behalf of Iran's secret services.

Prosor told the Security Council that the Hezbollah threat posed a collective challenge to all nations.

“The criminal-terrorist networks in West Africa are not only a local problem. They are a global problem. West Africa’s battle is our battle. Their enemies are our enemies. And their future is our future,” he said.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has parroted the calls of Iranian leaders for an Islamic holy war to destroy Israel.

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