Hamas Urges Unity in Fight to Liberate ‘Homeland’

The Hamas terrorist organization that controls Gaza and seeks international recognitionissued a call this weekend for all Palestinian fighters to “liberate the homeland.”

“As it is leading the armed struggle and resistance in Palestine, Hamas opens the door for all fighters to prepare a united program to liberate the homeland,” Hamas said in a statement.

The Iranian-funded, trained and armed Hamas rejects the peace process and is committed to Israel’s destruction. The call was made as Hamas marked four years since the Israeli Operation Cast Lead, launched to prevent the hundreds of rockets that were targeting Israeli civilians in the months prior to the action.

Hamas and the other Gaza-based terrorist organizations have fired 2,338 rockets and mortars this year, nearly all of them targeting Israeli homes.

The damage inflicted on Israeli families would have been much greater were it not for Israel’s defensive measures. UPI reported on Friday that the Iron Dome anti-missile system prevented 421 rockets hitting the largest cities in southern Israel. Iron Dome only intercepts projectiles that its radar system determines will explode in populated areas unless intercepted.

A Hamas leader in the Jerusalem area last week called for another intifada– or popular uprising – accompanied by suicide bombings against Israel. Ahmed Halabiyeh urged Palestinians to “liberate Jerusalem, the Aksa Mosque and Palestine.”

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