Gaza Terrorists Fire Rockets at Israel

Jerusalem, Nov. 9 – Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired rockets at Israeli population centers, prompting an Israeli air force retaliation Wednesday.

A rocket exploded Tuesday near a kibbutz bordering Gaza, and on Sunday Palestinians fired two rockets at Israeli cities north of Gaza, wounding one person. The attacks came despite the Egyptian-brokered agreement last month under which Palestinians agreed to halt the rocket attacks that have plagued Israel for the past decade.

In New York, the United Nations Security Council admissions committee failed to reach a conclusion on whether or not to approve U.N. membership for the Palestinian Authority, the Reuters news agency reported. The draft report is expected to be submitted to the Security Council on Friday, and may signal the end of the Palestinian attempt to bypass peace talks and apply for direct membership in the U.N.

The Palestinians applied for full U.N. membership to the U.N. in September 23, but the Security Council must approve applications before they are passed to the General Assembly for acceptance. The move was looked at as a unilateral declaration of independence by the Palestinians, who are refusing to return to peace talks.

Also in Israel Wednesday, opposition Kadima Party leader Tzipi Livni said international action against Iran was urgent.

“The world needs to understand that it’s not an Israeli problem, but this is something that threatens the entire free world,” Livni said in a CNN interview.  “They are trying to achieve a nuclear weapon while talking deliberately and openly about their intentions of wiping a state off the map. They are working against the interests of the world and the values of the free world.”

Livni said the threat was not just against Israel, “but all the other states in the region that represent moderation and pragmatics – they know that Iran is a threat to them as well.”

Livni’s comments came in the wake of the International Atomic Energy Agency report released Tuesday that confirmed Iran was developing nuclear weapons in defiance of repeated demands by the U.N. to stop.

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