Elections 2013

In the lead-up to recent elections in Israel, TIP identified a negative narrative from detractors that was penetrating the media and being used to alienate Americans from Israel. The claim: Israel’s electorate was veering radically to the right and its coming government would be dominated by ultra-orthodox voices that reject peace.

After establishing a message – that any shifts in polls in Israel were in fact within existing left-right blocks, not to the right – TIP worked with reporters in Israel and the US to convey our perspective and help frame the story. That effort produced stories that pushed back against the notion that Israel was shifting hard to the right. And election results bore that out, reinforcing TIP’s credibility with reporters and diplomats.  A senior European diplomat told TIP: “You’re the only folks who got it right.”

For more on the 2013 Israeli Elections, visit the backgrounder for the debate hosted by TIP at Hebrew University on January 8, our 2013 election summary and our comprehensive Introductory Primer.

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