Egypt Breaks up Terror Cell; Rockets Hit Israel


Jerusalem, June 17 – Egypt’s military reportedly rounded up 22 members of a terror cell on Sunday, two days after rockets were fired into Israeli territory, apparently from the Sinai Peninsula.

There are conflicting reports as to the intentions of the cell, with some suggesting it was planning on creating chaos in Egypt immediately after today’s presidential elections, should the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi lose.

The cell included Egyptians, Jordanians and Palestinians who had acquired police uniforms and arms. A similar tactic was adopted a year ago in a cross-border attack from Sinai in which eight Israelis were killed.

Israeli experts believe two rockets that landed in Israel on Friday (June 15) were fired from Sinai. One landed at Ovda, close to Eilat and the other at Mitzpeh Ramon, which lies some 15 miles from the Egyptian frontier. It was the first time these areas had been targeted.

While the motive for the attacks remains unclear, Israeli officials were quoted as saying the Muslim Brotherhood asked Hamas to order Bedouin in the Sinai to carry out the strikes.

Israel hopes that no matter who wins the Egyptian election, Cairo will continue to respect the peace agreement with Israel that has brought stability to the region for the last 33 years.

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