Egypt and Israel - Past, Present and Future Relations

As with other Western nations watching events unfold, Israel advocates the spread of democracy and stability throughout Egypt and the Middle East. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed these sentiments when he spoke to Israel’s parliament in early February. He also warned about the dangers of Egypt being pushed to radicalization or influenced by Iran, a leading state sponsor of terrorism.

Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace agreement with Israel. The decision of the most powerful and influential Arab state to make peace with Israel reduced the likelihood of a large-scale Arab-Israeli war. It also brought Egypt into alliance with the West, helped strengthen moderate voices in the region and brought greater economic prosperity to the country.

Israel took political risks and sacrificed much to achieve peace, giving up oil fields, military bases, civilian settlements and a crucial land buffer for a promise of peace. Egypt kept its promise.

From the time of its independence, Israel waited 30 years for an Arab leader to show the courage and vision to make peace. Since 1977 Israel and Egypt have enjoyed more than three decades of peaceful relations.

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