Biden talks Iran with American Rabbis


Washington, May 8 – Speaking to a group of Rabbis, Vice President Joe Biden reiterated the administration’s goal is stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and said that containment is not an option.

"Diplomacy backed by serious, serious sanctions and pressure – on that score, the window is closing in the near term," he said in Atlanta Tuesday

Speaking in Atlanta to the Rabbinic Assembly, an international body of 1,600 conservative rabbis, Biden rebutted critics who have complained that the president has not taken a hard enough stance on Iran, saying the U.S. has led successful efforts to isolate the Islamic Republic.

Yet in the end, he said, the decision to preemptively strike nuclear facilities rested with Israel.

"I would not contract out my security to anybody, even a loyal, loyal, loyal friend like the United States," he said.

Negotiators from Iran and the P5+1 countries are meeting later this month for a second round of talks on Iran’s nuclear program, which is widely suspected to be focused on producing weapons.

The Vice President added he was frustrated with lingering doubt about the administration’s commitment to Israel’s security, and even went so far to say, half-jokingly, that his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania was only second in his heart to Israel.

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