August Tower Magazine Debuts

The August Issue of The Tower Magazine, the leading e-magazine on Middle East affairs, offers original reporting on Iran’s spreading network in Sub-Saharan Africa; Morocco as a model of political liberalization; Israeli communities in the shadow of Hamas rockets; as well as the changing demographics of Tel Aviv, Olympic dreams of Istanbul, and a new documentary film about Israel’s early years.

Since its launch, the online monthly has quickly become a leading source of original writing, reporting, research, and policy on the region. Visit TIP's project section for more information on The Tower Magazine.

Speaking about the new issue, editor David Hazony said, “As the world is glued to events across the Middle East, this month we offer important new writing on Iran, Morocco, Turkey and the challenges of living along the edge of the Gaza Strip.”


Highlights include:


Deep in Africa, Tehran Spreads Its Tentacles

  • With the election of Iran’s new President Hassan Rouhani, Washington DC based writer Armin Rosen discusses how Iran has spread its network across Sub-Saharan Africa. In the process, Iran has managed to continue arming terrorists and acquiring uranium for its nuclear program in spite of sanctions.


The Morocco Model: A Path to Arab Democracy

  • Following the recent overthrow of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the ongoing bloodshed in Syria, Michael J. Totten discusses the progress of a “silent revolution” in Morocco. Based on extensive in-the-field interviews, the author shows how Morocco has emerged a model for liberalization in the Arab world without enduring any of the violent upheavals of the Arab Spring


Ego Games: Erdogan’s Olympic-Sized Folly

  • In the wake of harsh demonstrations in Istanbul and across Turkey, Aiden Pink offers a warning to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s about his potentially misguided bid for the 2020 Olympics for Istanbul.

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