Ashdod School, Synagogue Hit by Terrorists’ Grad, Qassam Rockets

Jerusalem, Aug. 19 – A synagogue and a school in Ashdod were hit by rockets fired from Gaza this morning. One person is reportedly is in serious condition; the rest were moderately and lightly wounded. At least seven to ten people were wounded today, Israel’s Haaretzreported.

The escalation in violence comes as Ashdod and Beersheba, one of Israel’s largest cities in southern Israel, were targeted by three to four grad rockets.

In all, at least 10 rockets were fired at southern Israel Friday morning, hitting  Ashkelon, Ashdod and Beersheba, The Jerusalem Post reported. Some rockets fired from Gaza last night were shot down by Israel’s advanced protective barrier, Iron Dome, which intercepts rockets fired by shooting them down in the air before they land.

Yesterday, in multiple, coordinated terror attacks, eight Israelis were killed and approximately forty wounded as terrorists shot at two buses and anti-tank missiles targeted civilian cars. IEDs were also reportedly used to attack an army patrol that was sent to the scene of the bus attack.

Within hours of the assault, Israel struck back at the Popular Resistance Committee terrorist group which is based in Gaza. Among the six people killed were Kamel Nirab, the head of the PRC; Imad Hamed, who is in charge of military activity in Gaza; Khaled Shaath, a leading member of the PRC’s military wing who was involved in rocket attacks on Israel; and Khaled Masri, who was involved in kidnapping soldier Gilad Shalit in 2006. The Shin Bet security service suspects that Hamed is the one who planned yesterday’s attack near Eilat, reports the Israeli Daily Haaretz.

There are also reports of a suicide bomber attack close to Egyptian soldiers at the border that connects Gaza to Egypt. Exchanges of fire ensued.

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